Subscription software with all the features needed to get started

Why Boxer?

The Subscription and Box industry has been booming, and what better way to enable all the many new startups with an a WordPress plugin.

There are other solutions out there, however, we feel like owning your IP, reducing service costs (no monthly costs) and getting a pre-packaged solution will be a game changer for many new potential businesses. The cost of starting a business are high enough, so our solution will provide some much needed relief.

And of course, we’ve made sure its developer friendly!

So extend away, add your own theme and look, add new functionality, and build new features!

More information can be found at:

Good software will work from first installation and guide the user throughout all its use.


Understanding the full concept at hand is paramount to delivering on the goal and a successful end product.


Procedures and recommended practices are a core part of our development and programming methods. We believe code should be understood.


Successful products need strategic launches and so we take scaling, launch-readiness and beta testing seriously.


After a product is delivered is the critical period for our Clients. We understand that and believe in delivering ongoing maintenance and support.

Shortcuts are important for a low-budget startup, and with Boxer we wanted to give a big break on software cost without sacrificing IP or the need to be paying ongoing fees.

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